FDA Dog Food Recall Having High Quantity of Vitamin D

FDA Dog Food Recall Having High Quantity of Vitamin D

The FDA has warned that there is abundant vitamin D in the form of dry food for dogs which is quite harmful for them. This food has been found to be susceptible to the world and confirmed the failure of the kidney in it.

According to the FD dog food is bought from a manufacturer but it is too much to send, so we can say that Vitamin D can have different causes. In all these levels the amount of poison or the amount of toxicity may vary.

FDA Dog Food Recall

FDA Dog Food Recall

For example, there are some brands that are remembered for dog food such as – Nutrisca, Natural Life Pet Products, Sunshine Mills, Inc. etc.

However the FD has said that it can not disclose the names of the producers because they were kept protect. But they are preparing a list of all the products and after that they will get complete information. 

Nutrisca has disclosed this on his official website that he received complaints from three owners that Vitamin D had toxicity in his dog’s diet.  

According to another producer’s sign, he has distribute his luggage with America Japan in countries like Israel.

Vomiting in a dog with vitamin D can show symptoms like loss of appetite, decrease in weight event diameter. 

Because of this, the department of kidney failure in the dog has gone mainly where the dog can die.

FDA has cleared that the owners of the dog should check their dogs to veterinary doctors. If they will find any symptoms then they should aware by this information. If you want to get any more news about the FDA Dog Food Recall then they can visit the official web portal of FDA. Here we have given the link of the FDA website, so you can check it.

FDA Website

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